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Ford Process Service is Georgia's premiere process serving company with quick, honest, and accurate work. Our professional process servers go the extra mile for our clients to ensure the integrity of all services. We serve legal documents for attorneys, landlords, general business clients, and individuals in need of reliable and accurate results.

Our background in law enforcement and difficult serves give our legal services a unique edge as we have developed tools and techniques to deliver the best possible outcome. We utilize a process serving software with a streamlined client portal so you are always informed of the status of your case.

If we have the privilege of providing services to you, you can be confident that we will deliver as promised. Contact us and describe your need to learn how we can deliver the results you seek and at what cost. We customize our services to suit your precise needs.

Serving All Legal Documents In Georgia

  • Supoenas
  • Summons
  • Complaints
  • Small Claims
  • Family Law
  • Notices
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Our Services

We provide reliable legal support services to help law firms, businesses, and individuals in Georgia. We serve the Metro-Atlanta Area, Rockdale, Newton, Fulton, and Dekalb counties. Please contact us for a quote.

Process Service

  • Legally notifying an individual of their involvement in a court proceeding by serving paperwork.
  • We deliver documents throughout the entire state of Georgia.
  • Service attempts are logged with GPS coordinates and time-stamped. Easily request service with our order form. You can upload your service documents and provide your case information.

Court Filing

  • Submitting your case/supporting documents into the court system on time to supplement your legal case.
  • We are well versed in the different requirements of our local, state, and federal courts, ensuring accurate and speedy filings .
  • It is crucial that cases are submitted before the statute of limitations expires, so be sure to hire our reliable court filers.

Private Investigations

  • Private investigative services to gather evidence for personal, business, or legal matters.
  • Using surveillance, modern technology, and proven effective investigative techniques, we can provide you with the facts to help you make informed decisions.
  • Our Georgia investigators adhere to all state and federal laws, so all evidence can be used in court.

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